GIS Expert and Researcher
Arch. Medina Shalaku

Fields of Interest: GIS Application in Planning, Housing, Urban Design

Responsible for Technical Infrastructure
PhD Cand. Blertë Retkoceri

Fields of Interest: Water Management, Water Systems, Waste Water Management

Founder & President of UBT
Prof.Dr. Edmond Hajrizi

Fields of Interest: Complex Systems Engineering

Head of Institute
MSc. Shqiprim Ahmeti

Field of Interest: Smart and Sustainable Urban Development, Urban History & Planning Theory, Human-scale Planning and Design

GIS Expert & Researcher on Integrated Urban Planning
BSc. Lyra Bakija

Fields of Interest: Spatial Analysis, Land Use Management, Cultural Heritage

Expert for Demography and Public/Social Infrastructure
Dr.Sc. Hazer Dana

Fields of Interest: Demography, Social Dynamics in Urban Areas, Urban Statistics, Geography

GIS Expert & Responsible for Technical Infrastructure
Dr.Sc. Tomor Çela

Fields of Interest: Application of GIS in Urban Planning, GIS Modelling and Spatial Analysis

Consultant for Integrated Spatial Planning and Development
Dr.Sc. Binak Beqaj

Fields of Interest: Sustainable Spatial Planning and Development, Urban Management, Planning Theory

Consultant for Sustainable Planning and Urban Economy
Dr.Sc. Elvida Pallaska

Fields of Interest: Integrated Spatial Planning and Development, EU Planning Policies, Urban Economy

Responsible for Integrated Water Management Lab
Dr.Sc. Hazir Çadraku

Fields of Interest:  Integrated Water Management, Hydrology, Water Supplies

Responsible for Geospatial Lab
Dr.Sc. Edon Maliqi

Fields of Interest: GIS, Spatial Analysis, Cartography, Environmental Monitoring