Following the Institute’s vision for integrating Research, Teaching & Doing (RTD), we provide a master program on Urbanism and Sustainable Development. This program aims to promote best practices in field of Urbanism, Planning and Sustainable Development based on current demand in local and regional level. The Kosovo development reality, labour market as well as central and local institutions demand for spatial and urban planners has remain particularly high in recent years. The program aims to offer knowledge and prepare planning and development experts for the identification and analysis of spatial and development problems and to give their contribution in the field. The key spatial, urbanistic, engineering and sustainable development issues are related to other important parameters as social, aesthetic and ecological values. Students that will complete the program will be able to apply an advanced knowledge based on human, technical, environmental and social aspects and will be competent to solve programs of spatial urbanistic, environmental, civil engineering nature as well as sustainable development nature. Their enhanced communication, problem solving and analytical skills will prepare them to implement more complex projects in the area and give them a route to academic research.

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