The City – History Lab

Taking into consideration interdisciplinarity of urban history the LAB plans to involve in its projects not only historians but also geographers, architects, economists, sociologists, culturologists, philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists, art and architectural historians, planners and other scholars working on various aspects of urban history.

Public Housing, Migration, Urban Growth, City Planning History, Segregation, Urban Culture and Urban Cultural Heritage are among subjects targeted as our focus.

Directions and the Strategic Goals of the City-History LAB:

  • Realization of joint research projects connected with urbanization;
  • Organization of conferences and meetings dedicated to urban history issues;
  • Conducting historical research on urban history with the formation of an archive of historical narrative;
  • Encouraging research into the Urban History of Kosovo through fundings of academic researches (Phd dissertations etc.);
  • Public activities aimed at popularization of urban history and at interaction of researchers with the society (within this direction provide: organization of exhibitions, competitions, etc.; initiation and implementation of public projects).


The LAB communicates Kosovo urban history to a wider audience on the internet through a website called The Urban Image Database which gives access to databases and presentations of Kosovo urban history. It brings together visual representations on printed images (photographs, postcards, lithographs, etc.), collecting visual information on the history of the towns and cities of Kosovo and working with public and private archives.