Sustainable Spatial Development Plan of Vitia

The Sustainable Spatial Development Plan for Vitia Municipality aims to provide municipality of Vitia with a comprehensive plan for sustainable spatial, economic, social and infrastructural development. The Plan should totally be in line with requirements of Spatial Law of the Republic of Kosovo.

It covers the whole territory of Vitia municipality, while is prepared for the next 8 years (2021-2029).  Beside of containing tangible and measurable goals for cohesive and sustainable development in terms of territory, economy, governance, environment protection, efficinet use of resources etc., it also contains a tengible way-forward plan for achieving certain goals and implementing certaing strategies, for increasing the Quality of Life of all citizens.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sustainable Spatial Development Plan, which is based on a fully participatory process, is constituted by 5 following phases:

  1. Introduction and Municipality’s profile and scanning the current state;
  2. Vision, Framework of Spatial Development and Strategic Development Goals;
  3. Spatial Attributes of the Development Concept and Sectorial Development;
  4. Action Plan and Strategic Priorities;
  5. Implementing and Monitoring Plan.

This multi-sectorial plan covers the following 12 thematic fields:

  1. Historical background of the municipality’s development;
  2. Municipality’s main characteristics;
  3. Municipality’s demographic dynamics and development;
  4. Municipality’s human and financial capacities;
  5. Economic Development;
  6. Technical Infrastructure;
  7. Transortation and its infrastructure;
  8. Public and social infrastructure;
  9. Environmend and ares under certain threat;
  10. Cultural, Natural Heritage and Touristic Assets;
  11. Setlements;
  12. Housing.