Ecomobility Level in Kosovo Cities

Purpose of the project is to examine the Eco-Mobility approach and test the criterias presented by the approach on our study areas. It also aims to determine the necessary steps to be taken in order to help the study areas  to reach an adequate level of Eco-Mobility.

Besides these; the project aims  to raise awareness of the existence of an instrument for assessing the level of EcoMobility of a city, to provide our cities with the basis for a such evaluation and to represent our cities on international platforms such as ICLEI and ECOMOBILITY SHIFT.

Finally, it aims to prepare our cities for a transition towards sustaianable and eco-friendly cities.

Protection of our cities is of great importance and requires urgent attention. The adaptation of EcoMobility approach may play an important role on designating of economic development strategies while protecting as our cities’ geographical and social structures.

EcoMobility SHIFT Indicators

Related to the Indicators, the EcoMobility Alliance Report (2015b) states as below: The SHIFT scheme relies on 20 indicators developed after consultation with various experts and stakeholders in urban transport. The 20 indicators are further classified into 3 criteria, namely Enablers, Transport systems and services, and Results and impacts.


E1: Understanding User Needs

E2: Public Participation

E3: Vision, Strategy and Leadership

E4: Finance for EcoMobility

E5: Personnel and Resources

E6: Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

Transport Systems and services

TSS1: Planning

TSS2: Low Speed / Car Free Zones

TSS3: Information Provision & Systems

TSS4: Mobility Management

TSS5: Parking

TSS6: Walking

TSS7: Cycling

TSS8: Public Transport Coverage & Speed

TSS9: Usability of Public Transport

TSS10: Low Emission Vehicles

Results and impacts

RI.1 Modal Split

RI.2 Safety

RI.3 Greenhouse Gases (GHG)

RI.4 Air Quality

 Providing the local authorities with an effective tool to measure, assess and improve urban mobility can be highlighted among the main benefits for the cities.

Measuing the Ecomobility Level of Cities in Kosovo.pdf