Kosova Urban Sustainability Index

Urban Sustainability Indicators are tools that allow city planners, city managers and policymakers to measure the socio-economic and environmental impact of, for example, current urban designs, infrastructures, policies, waste disposal systems, pollution and access to services by citizens. They allow for the diagnosis of problems and pressures, and thus the identification of areas that would profit from being addressed through good governance and science-based responses. They also allow cities to monitor the success and impact of sustainability interventions.

This project aims to prepare a National Urban Sustainability Index for Kosovo, as well as to analyze and evaluate 12 cities in this context. These cities (Prishtina, Mitrovica South, Mitrovica North, Ferizaj, Gjilan, Gjakova, Peja, Prizren, Vushtrria, Lipjan, Graçanica, Junik ) will be treated in  context of 25 indicatos, devided in 5 groups, namely ‘’Basic Needs’’, ‘’Built Environment’’, ‘’Planning’’, ‘’Environmental Cleanliness’’ and ‘’Mobility’’.

 The evaluation process will be followed by intervention suggestions as well as preparing the guidelines and Action Plans for implementing related recomandations. All this process will last 15 months, while academics and professionals from UBT, ETH Zurich, TU Wien and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University will be involved.

Kosova Urban Sustainability Index.pdf