Cities in the Balkans and development challenges: Comparing with European Planning trends

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The symposium is a joint initiative of Western Balkan (mainly Kosovo and Albania) based Academic and Civil Society Institutions. The event’s main objective is to discuss planning and development challenges of Balkan cities, through comparing them with the EU trends, norms and standards. The practical aim of the event serves at the establishment of the Balkan Cities Urban Forum, a platform that will serve for discussion and knowledge sharing of best planning practices –anticipating a full EU Integration.

With many Balkan-based ISOCARP members involved in the organisation of the symposium, ISOCARP is keen on endorsing and promoting this event. ISOCARP Board will actively take part in the discussion and contribute with keynotes delivered by President-Elect Pietro Elisei, Secretary General Frank D’hondt and ExCom member Elisabeth Belpaire – all with in-depth planning experiences in the Balkans and Kosovo in particular.

More information including the full programme can be found here: Balkan Cities – Urban Forum Facebook Page and the International Symposium Facebook Event. Registration can also be done using these platforms.

Event Agenda: